About Us

Welcome to Ashlin Ann Boutique! 


Our names are Karisa Ashlin and Deidre Ann and we are the Ashlin Ann team!

Our story begins about 3 years ago, when we met through our significant others and instantly became the best of friends. Both of us have been in the banking industry for years, and had realized it was far from our passion. Being the dreamers we are, we found ourselves having many conversations about what careers we would love to do - of course if money, resources, education, etc. were not factors. We quickly found out that we both had goals of being self employed business owners and creating lives for ourselves we could be proud of. Over the years, these conversations started to become distant memories, and we never actually imagined we could make our dreams into something tangible.

In early 2020 at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic we decided we were done just dreaming, and decided to start LIVING instead. We thought, "How many more days do we have to live not being passionate about or happy in our careers? How long are we going to push our own dreams and passions aside?"

So we took the leap! Full speed ahead - fear and all - with no regrets! Ashlin Ann Boutique came into existence!

Besides this boutique, our other passions include our pets and Disney! We thought it would be such a unique idea to name each of our pieces either after a beloved pet in our lives or one of our favorite Disney characters. So every piece that you see on our site has been carefully named to match the item's vibe!

We are so grateful that you have found us and can’t wait for you to fall in love with our pieces, just like we have!

Thank you so much for all of your love and support! 



Karisa Ashlin & Deidre Ann